The tutorial starts with Sylvie introducing herself and her important mission. Her mission is to avenge her recently passed father, who was one of the best chefs in the world. She suspects her fathers old friend, Baron von Pork, to have something to do with his death. Her father had a formula to a secret recipe hidden in a vault, but it suddenly dissappeared. Sylvie is sure it‘s Barons doing. The recipe is really powerful and could change the world, but is now in the wrong hands. Sylvie‘s plan is to become a Master Chef and win the Cheffy Awards so she can become famous and face Baron and stop him. Sylvie needs help, will you help her?

The first thing Sylvie needs help with is an amateur cook-off in Paris. There she fights against Celeste. The theme is French, Earthy and Luxury. Sylvie is not sure if she has a recipe that fits as she only starts with Quiche au Fromage with very low recipe power. Sylvie loses the cook-off and describes to the players how the scores are calculated. She then wants to invent a new dish to come back with.

Players are now introduced to the Chef Wars-world, it's cities and towns. Sylvie wants to go to Provins to get fresh ingredients for the new recipe. Sylvie explains that in towns you can find rarer ingredients, juicy tips and easy neighborhood battles and how the market, battles and taverns work. Sylvie wants to visit the market. In Provins players will get three ingredients cards, one rare, one common and one uncommon. These cards contain vinegar, a fig and foie gras. Sylvie wants to buy more and this time she receives one common card and two uncommon. Those are chicken, thyme and wine, perfect for making Coq au Vin.

Next players are introduced to the kitchen base and inventing new recipes. Sylvie invents a new recipe, Foie Gras with Figs and Port and Coq au Vin. She then upgrades her Quiche au Fromage up to the base score of nine. She explains to the players how scores in battles work and that chefs can only remember a limited number of recipes at a time.

Sylvie then goes back to Paris and tries to win the cook-off again. This time she competes with Michel St. Michel and cooks Pan-seared Foie Gras with Figs and Port and wins! Sylvie wins 50 bucks and a potato.

The actual tutorial ends with Sylvie explaining how towns and cities work as well as fast travel and missions. She wants to reach Fame Level 5 to be able to be eligible for the Cheffy award.