Name English Name Type Tags Ingredients
Älplermagronen Swiss Mac and Cheese Pasta CheesyWinter, Home Onion, Cheese, Pasta, Potato, Apple
Apfelküchlein Deep Fried Apple Cake Fritter Flour, Apple, Vanilla, Cider, Hazelnut
Apple Wine Soup with Roast Beef Apple Wine Soup with Roast Beef Soup Fruity, Meaty, Sour Apple, Beef, Carrot, Cider, Stock
Berner Platte Bernese Platter Meat Hearty, Meaty, Sour Sauerkraut, Ham, Beef, Pork, Sausage
Birchermuesli Muesli Dessert Fruity, Healthy AlmondsLemonAppleYogurtOats
Bölletünne Swiss Onion Pie Pastry Bacon, Potato, Onion, Cream, Flour, Egg
Brunsli Cookie Almonds, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Clove, Sugar
Bündner Nusstorte Graubüden Nut Pastry Pastry NuttySweet Flour, Sugar, Butter, Cream, Walnut
Chocolate Fondue Dessert Romantic, Sweet, Luxury Chocolate, Strawberry, Spirit, Cream, Banana
Cholera Swiss Potato and Fruit Pie Pastry Hearty, Home, Cheesy Cheese, Flour, Ham, Potato, Apple
Chräbeli Swiss Anise Cookies Cookie Sweet, Festive, Winter Flour, Sugar, Spirit, Anise, Egg
Emmental Apple Rösti Potatoes Breakfast, Fruity Cheese, Apple, Onion, Butter, Potato
Fondue Neuchâteloise Cheese Fondue Cheese Cheesy, Romantic, Winter Bread, Wine, Cheese, Garlic
Bundner Nusstorte Graubunden Nut Pastry Pastry Festive, Sweet Flour, Sugar, Butter, Cream, Walnut
Papet Vaudois Pork Sausage and Leek Hotpot Meat HeartyWinter Sausage, Potato, Scallion, Butter, Wine
Raclette Raclette Cheese Cheesy, Winter Cheese, Pickle, Onion, Beef, Potato
Rösti Potatoes Breakfast, Home Potato, Butter, Cheese
Zuger Kirschtorte Zug Cherry Cake Cake FruityTea Time Flour, Hazelnut, Butter, Cherry, Spirit
Zurcher Geschnetzeltes Zurich-Style Sliced Meat Meat Veal, Mushroom, Cream, Wine, Offal

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