"These delightful treats are made by heating small pieces of fruit in sugar syrup, crystallizing them. Common candied fruits and peels include orange, lemon, pineapple, cherries and dates."

Candied Fruits are the welcoming gift in Orlèans, France and Zaragoza, Spain. Candied Fruits are uncommon.


Candied Fruits can be found in the following cities and towns in Chef Wars.


Candied Fruits are used in the following recipes.

Name English name Geo Type Tags Other ingredients
Basler Läckerli Swiss Cinnamon, Hazelnut, Honey, possibly one unknown
Cassata Sicilian Ricotta Cake Italian Cake Mediterranean, Sweet, Festive Flour, Ricotta, Spirit, Sugar
Coca de San Juan St. John's Cake Spanish Pastry Latin, Sweet Egg, Flour, Pine Nuts, Sugar
Gibassier French Bread Fruity Anise, Flower, Flour, Orange
Mince Pie British Pie Festive, Fruity Flour, Currant, Raisin, Animal Fat
Panettone Milanese Sweet Bread Italian Butter, Raisin, possibly one-two unknown
Stollen German Currant, Flour, possibly one-two unknown
Tortell King Cake Spanish Pastry Festive, Latin, Sweet Almonds, Butter, Flour, Sugar