Here is a list of British recipes featured in Chef Wars along with a list of ingredients, tags and type.

Name Type Tags Ingredients
Bakewell Tart Pastry Tea Time, Sweet, Nutty Flour, Sugar, Almonds, Egg, Strawberry
Bangers and Mash Meat Pub Grub, Home Butter, Gravy, Onion, Potato, Sausage
Banofee Pie Pie Creamy, Fruity, Tea Time Banana, Butter, Cream, Flour, Sugar
Beef Wellington Meat Meaty, Earthy, Luxury Beef, Foie Gras, Mushroom, Wine, Flour
Caraway Seed Cake Cake Tea Time, Sweet, Summer Flour, Egg, Butter, Sugar, Caraway Seeds
Cherries Jubilee Dessert Ice Cream, Sugar, Spirit, Cherry
Cornish Pasty Meat Flour, Beef, Turnip, Onion, Potato
Cream Tea Bread Tea Time, Luxury, Romantic Flour, Butter, Cream, Tea, Strawberry
Devilled Kidneys Meat Luxury Offal, Butter, Chili, Mustard, Worcestershire Sauce
English Breakfast Meat Breakfast, Hearty, Meaty Blood Sausage, Egg, Bacon, Beans, Bread
Fish and Chips Seafood Greasy, Street, Sea Beer, Fish, Flour, Oil, Potato
Gypsy Tart Pastry Home, Sweet, Tea Time Flour, Milk, Sugar
Kedgeree Rice Butter, Curry, Flour, Parsley, Rice
Lancashire Hotpot Stew Pub Grub, Meaty, Hearty Lamb, Onion, Potato, Carrot, Worcestershire Sauce
Lemon Syllabub Dessert Sweet, Summer, Romantic Cream, Sugar, Wine, Lemon, Nutmeg
Manchester Tart Pastry Fruity, Sweet, Tea Time Cherry, Coconut, Custard, Raspberry, Flour
Pork Pie Meat Flour, Pork, Gelatin, Nutmeg, Thyme
Queen of Puddings Dessert Tea Time, Sweet, Fruity Sugar, Milk, Egg, Bread Crumbs, Raspberry
Raspberry Ripple Dessert Sweet, Fruity, Summer Ice Cream, Raspberry, Vanilla, Sugar, Currant
Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding Meat Hearty, Meaty, Home Beef, Egg, Flour, Rosemary, Gravy
Roast Lamb with Mint Meat Luxury, Aromatic, Meaty Gravy, Lamb, Mint, Potato, Rosemary
Roast Pork with Apple Meat Fruity, Meaty, Aromatic Pork, Cider, Apple, Thyme, Butter
Stargazy Pie Seafood Surf and Turf, Creamy, Winter Fish, Potato, Egg, Flour, Bacon
Steak and Guinness Pie Meat Pub Grub Beef, Beer, Bacon, Onion, Flour
Steak and Kidney Pie Meat Pub Grub, Winter, Earthy Beef, Offal, Flour, Onion, Gravy
Tea and Crumpets Bread Tea Time, Sweet, Luxury Butter, Flour, Milk, Sugar, Tea
Trifle Dessert Sweet, Fruity, Creamy Cream, Custard, Raspberry, Wine, Flour
Welsh Cake Cake Fruity, Sweet, Tea Time Butter, Currant, Flour, Raisin, Sugar
Welsh Rarebit Bread Pub Grub, Cheesy Bread, Cheese, Mustard, Beer, Worcestershire Sauce

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