There may be truth in the adage 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'! Apples are low in calories and rich in fiber.


Apple can be found in the following cities and towns in Chef Wars. Apples are of unknown rarity.


Apple is used in the following recipes.

Name English name Geo Type Tags Other ingredients
Æblekage Apple Charlotte Danish Cake Bread Crumbs, Butter, Cream, Currant
Älpermagronen Swiss Mac and Cheese Swiss Pasta Cheese, Onion, Pasta, Potato
Apfelküchlein Deep Fried Apple Cake Swiss Fritter Fruity, Greasy Cider, Flour, Hazelnut, Vanilla
Apfelstrudel Apple Strudel Austrian Pastry Sweet, Tea Time Butter, Cinnamon, Flour, Sugar
Apple Wine Soup with Roast Beef Swiss Soup Fruity,Meaty Beef, Carrot, Cider, Stock
Birchermuesli Muesli Swiss Dessert Breakfast, Fruity, Healthy Almonds, Lemon, Oats, Yogurt
Cholera Swiss Potato and Fruit Pie Swiss Pastry Cheese, Flour, Ham, Potato
Confit de Canard Duck Confit French Meat Greasy, Meaty, Romantic Animal Fat, Cabbage, Duck, Wine
Emmental Apple Rösti Swiss Potatoes Breakfast, Cheesy, Fruity Butter, Cheese, Onion, Potato
Pastila Russian Pastel Russian Confection Cinnamon, Egg, Honey, possibly one unknown
Prekmurian Gibanica Layer Cake Slovenian Poppy Seed, Ricotta, Walnut, Flour, Apple
Roast Pork with Apple British Meat Aromatic, Fruity, Meaty Butter, Cider, Pork, Thyme
Sharlotka Russian Apple Cake Russian Cake Butter, Egg, Flour, Sugar
Tarte Tatin French Apple Tart French Pastry Fruity, Sweet Butter, Flour, Sugar
Torta alla Monferrina Italian Cake Chocolate, Fig, Pumpkin, Spirit
Žemlovka Apple Bread Pudding Czech Dessert Bread, Cinnamon, Milk, Sugar