Almonds are used widely in world cuisines. They form the base for marzipans, macarons, nougats, cookies and many other desserts they can also be made into milk or butter.


Almonds are used in the following recipes.

Name English name Geo Type Tags Other ingredients
Ajoblanco Chilled Almond Soup Spanish Soup Latin, Nutty Bread, Garlic, Olive Oil, Vinegar
Amaretti di Saronno Amaretto Macaroons Italian Cookie Nutty, Sweet, Tea Time Egg, Flour, Spirit, Sugar
Bakewell Tart British Pastry Nutty, Sweet, Tea Time Egg, Flour, Strawberry, Sugar
Birchermuesli Muesli Swiss Dessert Breakfast, Fruity, Healthy Apple, Lemon, Oats, Yogurt
Brunsli Chocolate Almond Spiced Cookies Swiss Cookie Aromatic, Sweet Chocolate, Cinnamon, Cloves, Sugar
Butterkuchen German Butter Cake German Cake Butter, Flour, Sugar, one possibly unknown
Croissants aux Amandes Almond Croissant French Pastry Sweet Butter, Flour, Milk, Sugar
Dundee Cakes Scottish Cake Fruity Currant, Flour, Raisin, Sugar
Frankfurter Kranz Frankfurt Crown Cake German Cake Nutty, Sweet Butter, Cherry, Flour, Sugar
Gà Hâm Thuôć Bac Vietnamese Black Chicken Soup Vietnamese Soup Healthy Chicken, Date, Mushroom, Stock
Gâteau Basque Basque Cake French Pastry Fruity, Nutty, Tea Time Cherry, Flour, Sugar, Vanilla
Gâteau Opera Opera Cake French Cake Luxury, Sweet, Tea Time Chocolate, Coffee, Flour, Sugar
Jiao Hua Ji Chinese Currant, Raisin, possibly one-two unknown
Lebkuchen German Gingerbread German Cookie Aromatic, Festive, Sweet Anise, Flour, Ginger, Honey
Madeleines French Cake Sweet, Tea Time Egg, Flour, Lemon, Sugar
Oil Cakes Spanish Anise, Sesame, possibly one-two unknown
Ostkaka Swedish Cheesecake Swedish Cake Cheesy, Scandinavian, Sweet Cheese, Egg, Lingonberry, Sugar
Polvorones Spanish Flour, Milk, Sugar, possibly one unknown
Prinsesstårta Swedish Cake Festive, Romantic Cream, Flour, Raspberry, Sugar
Pulla Finnish Bread Sweet Flour, Raisin, Sugar
Punschkrapfen Punch Cake Austrian Cake Festive, Sweet Apricot, Chocolate, Flour, Spirit
Tarta de Santiago St. James Cake Spanish Cake Festive, Latin, Sweet Egg, Flour, Sugar, Wine
Torta Caprese Chocolate Almond Torte Italian Cake Tea Time, Sweet Butter, Chocolate, Egg, Sugar
Tortell King Cake Spanish Pastry Festive, Latin, Sweet Butter, Candied Fruits, Flour, Sugar