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• 4/17/2018

Any good tips on beating Tubbs?

First time playing the game and, I have to admit, what drew me in were the two anthro characters. I have to say that anthros are a big interest point for me, and if I see something has anthro playables, that increases my interest in something. I was disappointed that the two non-human characters required gems, plus are the most expensive chefs that require gems, but I had just enough money in my account to buy one of them, and my love for cute, cuddly anthro characters made it feel like it was worth it. I still have to beat him at a contest, though, which is disappointing.

...But I'm not getting anywhere against him. He's challengable in four cities, each with a different variation of these four traits: Fritter, Street, Greasy and Fruity. I tried Candy Apples, which I thought would fit the Street criteria as well as Fruity, but I guess not. I DO notice that Chairman Meow generally rates his dish lowly, so that might make things easier, but the other judges give him all 10s, so it feels like a requirement to have Chairman Meow as a judge. ...But it's not enough.

I do kind of want Tubbs because I know the main villain is anthro, and human VS anthro situations tend to make me feel uncomfortable. I know it's weird, but that's kind of why I want to get Tubbs.
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• 4/22/2018
One thing you can do to increase your chances of winning is upgrading the recipe. Do every ingredient so you can get a full set bonus
• 4/22/2018
Also Chairman Meow likes recipes with tuna, which isn't helpful in this case
• 4/23/2018
I got him!

I found out that Fish And Chips is really good for beating. Fish And Chips accomplishes both the Street and Greasy qualifications, AND, as I've said before, Chairman Meow will rate Tubs lowly, but as YOU have said, he loves fish. You were wrong, however, to think that wouldn't matter, though. It's best to choose one of the locations that requires Greasy and Street food, with Fritter and Fruity being the third (doesn't matter which, since Tubs dish nails all four.) While Chairman Meow increases your odds of winning, it also helps to have the judge who likes Greasy food (forgot his name).

Taking all of this into account, I managed to obtain Tubs with a final score of 10/9/9 VS 10/10/4. ...The four, of course, being Chairman Meow. That's how much having him as a judge helps. :D
• 4/25/2018
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