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• 11/8/2017

The categories of recipes

I was wondering if we could simplify the categories of recipes by making the table sortable. Since it would be easy to filter by recipe name or by country, it's no longer necessary to keep the recipes by country page, which doubles the work of adding new recipes and tag updates.

On sorting:
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• 11/9/2017
I'm definitely all for making things simpler and removing redundant actions! Let me see if I can set something up if my brain is functional enough for this. :P
• 12/2/2017
Whoa, it's also possible to make tables filterable. The wiki admins could add a script to do so.

* URL:
* Demo:
• 12/2/2017
I think the only person who has access to that would be Fannsa, I tried getting into the file required to add the code but couldn't.
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