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• 10/17/2017

Lists getting out of hand...

So we are getting more and more manually populated lists and as the number of recipes grows (there is 900 recipes!!!) it will become impossible to manage them. While I see a point in pages like French Recipes. Manually adding list like Meat or manually adding list of recipes to ingredient pages like Butter in my opinion is pointless when the same can be done by using [[:Category:Butter|List with Recipes using Butter]] see the difference:
Butter Chef Wars Wiki
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• 10/17/2017
Yeah I guessed as such, that's why I posted this as I have no idea how else to get people attention to this.
• 10/18/2017
Hi. Sorry, new to wikia and editing. I haven't did any tagging of links yet. Still dont know yet.

Perhaps a screenshot could help?
• 10/19/2017
Are the pages like "French Recipes" populated automatically from the master list of recipes (or what appears to be the master list)? That would be super helpful so that all the recipe info only has to be entered once.
• 10/20/2017
I actually like seeing all the recipes with, for example, butter one the same page because I find it easier to find the perfect recipe that way. Also if I need a meat recipe, I think it's really nice to have the option to find the perfect recipe for a battle on the "meat" page. Ingredients pages are of course also extremely useful for finding the next town or city that has the right ingredient at the market.
• 11/22/2017
Agree with Fannsa5, I will sometimes open a page (e.g. Spanish Recipes) to quickly browse for a recipe based on tags on ingredients. And for other people they might browse by ingredient or by tag.

But I also agree with Wredniak that it's not easy to manage the wiki this way, as a recipe will end up having to be added manually to multiple pages.

I just joined Wikia tho so I'm not familiar whether it has features that can, say, change a Category page to list its contents as a table?
• 1/7/2018
I also found a Wikia feature called Dynamic Page List ( which I think would need to be enabled by mods due to likelihood of increasing server load, but it looks like it could help to reduce problem of manually updating long lists.
DynamicPageList Community Central
• 2/4/2018
Could you ELI5 exactly how to do that? I've been wanting to have all the aromatic, sweet, etc direct to their respective pages but didn't know how.
• 4/5/2018
All right people. I totally agree in all the useless lists and have helped sormess for the tags and food categories. Most of them at least.

As I have spent a bit too much time on this recently and my Wife is nagging, here are some actions that really needs more hands to help.
1) the tricky categories like pasta, cheese, rice, vegetables have very likely been labelled wrongly in EACH recipe’s info box. You can refer to the “Type” Category page to find the list of Types. We need to edit each of the recipe info box to the correct labels. (PS whoever created the info boxes, thank you very much.)
I suggest conquering region by region.
2) I think it is still useful to maintain the lists for each region since As a player, I conquer and focus region by region. And I think that is the only list that are useful. However all the links on the lists are going to be hell to update. I think we should just remove the links for Type because they are just too messed up. If people want to find those links, they can click on the recipe name and click from the info box.
3) we should focus on recipe info boxes. I love whoever created the info box code. Tyty.
• 4/7/2018
I can work correcting the recipe box labels
• 4/7/2018
Thanks Faith.
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