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• 9/10/2017

Thanks for setting this up!

This is great! It's going to be an awesome resource!

A suggestion though - instead of create a page for one type of cuisine, could we gather all recipes in one page with the following columns: Dish name, Geo, Type, Ingredients and Tags? Then everyone can add on their recipes as they go along in the game (even if it is through tips).

Just my five cent worth!
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• 9/12/2017
That's a great idea! All the recipes in the game on one page. But I think it's also nice to have pages for individual cuisines.
• 9/13/2017
Not sure if you guys have already seen this but some members of our ChefWars Community on Facebook has also made this spreadsheet of recipes:

Might help :)
Chef Wars Universal Cookbook
Chef Wars Universal Cookbook Google Docs
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