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• 9/5/2017

New Background

I created a brand new background idea that would seem really nice for the wiki. Is there any chance we could use it?
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• 9/10/2017
Hi EdranLyter! I'm Cliff from Mindcake! Thanks so much for starting the wiki, we're quite touch and amazed! If you need anything like assets and stuff, we can definitely help out! Just ping us in the FB community group ( or via email ( as I'm not usually here!
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• 9/12/2017
Looks so much better now!
• 9/13/2017
Thanks so much Fannsa5 for starting the wiki originally! We really appreciate it! If you need some assets to help make it look better, Karlo and I can share them with you! Let us know! :)
• 9/28/2017
I stumbled onto this little wiki when it first started. I'm so happy by how well it's turned out so far. Hope to contribute more in the future if need-be!
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